Top 5 Best Flooring For Pets

Pets are our best friends and fill the house with joy daily, don’t they? And, if you have a dog or cat, you will have to opt for a flooring option to keep them comfortable. After all, you don’t want a product that harms your pet, right?  

Here at Adda Carpets and Flooring, we understand the importance of our four legged children in our customers lives. Below are the 5 best flooring for pets that we recommend:

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the top choice for any room in your house with pets. Ceramic can withstand excessive friction, making it safe for your pet to play on. The surface provides a solid base without sacrificing aesthetics or price. Cost is another reason to choose ceramic tile; not only is it less expensive than other flooring options, but pets come with an extensive set of needs that add up fast.

Marble Flooring

Here is alternative flooring you can use for your pets. It comes in different sizes, ranges, and square inches. Marble also consists of different colors and gives your home a fantastic look. 

Among the many options on the market, marble flooring is among the most popular. It has several advantages, including its simplicity in cleaning and maintaining. Marble’s resistance to stains also makes it perfect for providing an ideal flooring for pets. 

You can re-polish marble every year to make it shine like new again while still keeping its classic look. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is more popular due to its waterproof scratch-proof characteristics. However, it becomes slippery when it’s wet, so dogs are more likely to slide off of it. 

Vinyl is a very common material used in flooring. It is resilient tile and suitable for flooring houses that host pets. Its durability, appeal, and functionality have made it a top choice for buyers shopping for flooring products.

Vinyl floors are more affordable than tiles. Vinyl generally provides better foot grip than tiles. In summer, the flooring stays cool, and in winter, it cools less than tiles. With Vinyl, you don’t have to worry over your cat or dog staining your beautiful floor. Cleaning for Vinyl is an easy process that leaves your floor looking brand new.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors are generally not considered the best option for a pet’s home because they can be easily damaged. However, if you want your pet floor made from natural hardwood, it is best to choose the most durable material you can afford. 

This is because the softer the wood, the more easily it will scratch. You also need to find the flooring that does not irritate your pet or cause harm when walking around.


The carpet is a durable and reliable floor cover designed for high-traffic areas. Another feature of carpets is its resistance to abrasion of the surface under mechanical stress. When in use, it does not change color scale and structure during wet cleaning.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is arguably the most comfortable flooring for pets and humans alike. Carpeting your floor is a good decision when you have dogs or other animals that spend much time indoors. This may not be common knowledge, but carpets provide essential insulation and help to protect your pets from extreme temperatures.

In particular, carpet tiles provide a practical alternative to carpeting. They offer all the benefits of an attractive, comfortable floor covering – while being easy to replace. It’s a great choice for a dog-friendly home.


When deciding what the best flooring for pets is, you must consider the product’s wearability, durability, stain resistance and above all, your preference and suitability for the type of pets that you rear. Adda Carpets and Flooring has many pet-friendly floor coverings for you to choose from. We pride ourselves on helping our customers make the right decisions by educating them on various materials.

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