How To Clean Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice these days. It’s come a long way and looks a lot better than it used to! It’s also durable and easy to keep clean. Which is why so many families opt for this kind of flooring.

Cleaning Vinyl Flooring:

Like any type of floors, you need to know the correct method of cleaning vinyl flooring to preserve the color, shine and texture of the floor. Here’s what you need to know.

Remove Dust & Dirt

The first thing you need to do when you are cleaning vinyl flooring is remove dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris that might be on the floor. Not only can these things mix with water to create a dirty film on the floor, but over time, they can create scratches – and you can’t wash those away! 

The easiest way to remove dust and dirt from your vinyl floors is to vacuum them, but you could also sweep them if you only have a small area to clean. You could also use commercial sweeper products that are designed to pick up dust and dirt, and use a soft, scratch free cleaning pad to get the job done.

Choose the Right Cleaner

The next thing you need to know about cleaning vinyl floors is that you can’t just use any cleaner!

If you use the wrong cleaning product on any floor, you could leave a film behind that will dull the shine of the floor. In extreme cases, some of the chemicals in the wrong floor cleaners could do serious damage to the surface of your floor. 

You should always choose vinyl floor cleaning products that are specially made for these types of floors, and always use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Once you’ve got the right cleaning product for your vinyl floors, the next step is to mop them. 

Make sure that you dilute the floor cleaner according to the package instructions, and then use a mop that is easy to wring out. You don’t want too much water on the mop when you place it on the floor. Just enough to wipe any lingering dirt on the floors. 

Using too much water when you mop not only makes the job harder, but it could seep through any cracks into your subfloor. If that happens, and depending on how much water gets through, you could create more problems under your floors.


Most vinyl flooring cleaning products need to be rinsed off after they are used. If your chosen product requires rinsing, empty the water from the bucket and rinse your mop head thoroughly. Then refill the bucket with clean water, dip your mop and wring it out, and then start cleaning the product off the floor. 

If the rinse water gets dark or dirty, change it and continue as before. Remember that you can’t clean a dirty floor with dirty water, so you want it to be as clear as possible while you work!

Wear & Tear

While it’s a good idea to clean your vinyl flooring regularly, and good quality vinyl floors will look great for years, even the most durable floors will wear out eventually. If you’re noticing patches where the color and pattern is wearing off, or you have chips or scratches in your floors, it might be time to replace your floors with something new.

So while you’re cleaning your floors, pay close attention to the condition of the floors, so you know when it’s time to start looking for your next flooring solution.

Get Professional Flooring Advice

Whether you need advice about the best way to clean vinyl flooring or a quote to replace your old floors or carpets, contact Adda Carpets & Flooring. We’re passionate about floors and are always happy to help with the advice and information you need to make the best flooring decisions for your home or business.

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